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There is a strong tradition of using fabrics and textiles to tell stories, commemorate important events or even communicate everyday messages in Africa. Shine Shine fabrics are a busy, bold, colourful and contemporary adaptation of this long tradition of political, religious and commemorative textile expressionism. 

Back in 2007 designers Tracy Rushmere and Heidi Chisholm identified that people wear their shine, seen in photos for example. For Tracy a story is all about the details, it’s the small things, the shoes, a ring, sunglasses, lipstick. You get the gist? And to bring it all home, we can’t overlook Shine Shine’s motto, “Don’t stand in my light”, which came from a shoe cleaner working on the street, he kept saying to people... “Don’t stand in my light!”. Perfect! 

Each of these distinctive tongue-in-cheek designs are printed in a certain colour way, once. Making every print run a limited edition and therefore highly desired by fabric collectors and interior designers the world over. 

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