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“Porcupine Rocks represents my love for Africa and modern design.”


A fourth generation South African, stylist Paula has very strong roots in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Her passion for design, general curiosity, attention to detail, endless enthusiasm for travel and love for all things ‘home’ forms the foundation of Porcupine Rocks. 

With a patchwork career ranging from working on a safari camp to television production, jewellery design to commercial restaurant design Paula has boundless creative energy. Over the years she has curated a portfolio of talented artists, crafters and textile designers and it was this eclectic tribe of creatives that led to the birth of Porcupine Rocks Design Studio in 2013.


Just before lockdown (the first of many) Paula teamed up with her good friend Suze.


Known as Captain Clipboard by her friends Suze takes organisation to another level. It’s engrained in her after many years working in Property, Politics, Fashion and Events between England and Germany. Suze also has a very artistic hand. 



While their personal journeys having been both inspiring and challenging their verve for life is contagious.


For studio life it was important to Paula not to step too far from the integrity of African design. And so in 2019 her and Suze decided to bring textiles and fabrics centre stage. Working closely with a number of award winning fabric designers in South Africa a unique and eclectic collection of fabrics was formed.

Based in a small village in West Sussex with views over the South Downs the studio is a vibrant slice of African heaven.


With never a dull moment this dynamic duo welcome visitors by appointment. It’s well worth the adventure and you will be sure to leave with an arm full of fabulous fabrics and a mind buzzing with creativity and warm hearted energy.

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