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Ardmore is a ceramic house in the Natal Midlands, Kwa Zulu Natal full of wondrous activity. Pioneered by Fèe Halstead who has taught many artists the freedom of expression. Each ceramic creation is a unique, one off piece and people around the world collect these amazing works of art.

One of Ardmore’s celebrated artists is the late Wonderboy Nxumal, born in Greytown in 1975. During Wonderboy's school years in Greytown, KwaZulu Natal, he discovered his creative talent and spent all his free time drawing, painting, writing poetry (at which he excelled) and reading comics, which he loved. In 1994, at the age of 20, this gentle, soft-spoken man joined Ardmore.

His passion for perfection, his artistic skill and his writing of poetry, anecdotes and personal truths which Fèe encouraged him to incorporate into his designs, resulted in his own instantly recognisable style.

To the great sorrow of the Ardmore family Wonderboy died in 2008.

Wonderboy's designs live on in an epic new chapter for Ardmore. The signature Wonderboy Wisdom Fabric illustrates drawings a writings that have been lifted from many of his artworks. Despite the AIDS support programme started by Fèe, Wonderboy never came to terms with his illness, nor was he able to talk openly about being HIV positive. Silenced by the prevailing taboos of his society he used his art to express his grief and to pass on his hard-won wisdom.

Proceeds go to Wonderboy’s mother and to Khazimula, a local orphanage that cares for Aids orphans and for children who have been abused or abandoned. In this way Wonderboy’s legacy supports his family and the community even though he is no longer with us.

Porcupine Rocks loves this Wonderboy fabric. Printed to order. Sold by the meter. Please enquire. We can also make cushions, curtains, blinds, ottomans, reupholster armchairs, sofas, anything to work with your design agenda.


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