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Luscious greens, colourful birds, bold flowers, turquoise waters, dramatic sunsets, groovy music, dirt roads, fruits of all shapes, white powdery sand, ceiling fans. If I shut my eyes for long enough I could be there. But I marvel at how we can work on a project remotely, there’s a term for it now, Destination Design.

We’ve been working on a project in Mustique for a couple of years and I must say I am loving it. While logistics and distance are always challenging it’s the end game that keeps us focussed. Our fabrics look so fresh and wild in a tropical villa. Each guest bedroom has it’s own agenda, an individual colour palette. This is fun, because it enables us to tell a story through our fabrics.

In the guest rooms we pulled together curtains, hand painted curtain poles, linen wall panels, rugs made from plastic bottles, bespoke mother of pearl inlayed furniture from India, lampshades using African wax fabrics, upholstered drum stools, storage ottomans and scatter cushions.

Poolside we made these all weather cushions from African Wax fabrics.


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