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A new year. A new decade no less. These are exciting times. Who knows what this new horizon will bring.

The studio is closed in January because so many of our South African artists and designers are also closed for their Summer break. So I am using this time wisely to explore my creativity and look at the year ahead. Something is brewing.

One of my recent favourite fabrics is aptly named New Horizons. Designed and hand printed in Cape Town by Design Team. I’ve just made a drum stool for a clients bedroom using the lime and yellow colour way pictured at the bottom of this journal.

It’s all about the process. Hand printed using flatbed silkscreens and hand mixed pastes. Overprints are created by using fabric off-cuts laid between two different runs. During this process beautiful, unintentional over-prints are created. It’s a magical way to recycle the off-cuts that would normally end up in the bin. Why be wasteful when creating works of art when you can be mindful as well as creative?

With New Horizons magic has resulted from the concept of re-use. Without making any new designs or new screens and entirely new fabric has been born. There’s a message in there for all of us.

Happy New Year to you all.



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