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What’s happening? The world is slowing down. Stopping even. Corona is sweeping across the globe at an alarming rate. The pandemic is setting in. Daily news is dreary, negative, exasperating. We are clearly in for the long haul. I’ve turned the radio off and am cooking like mad. It helps me process. There will be a silver lining to all this madness. I am going to find it.

bespoke beaded lamp by hellooo

At the start of this year, in the life before the Lockdown, we had completed a bespoke beaded lamp for a client. After months working with Hellooow, who made this lamp by hand in Kwa Zulu Natal, I think the end result is a winner. The client was keen to have an ombre effect from sea spray blues through whites rising to a sunshine yellow. Like the sun hanging over the sea. For this is where the lamp is intended. A villa in Portugal. Each bead has been rolled by hand from clay into a small uniform sized ball. They are then dyed in the various colours and assembled on a galvanised wire frame in a specific order to achieve this ombre effect. By day it stands like a sculpture and at night it shines, making a beautiful pixilated dappled effect on the floor.

If you need a lamp like this our studio can work with Hellooow to design and make a beaded lamp or chandelier of any size and colour to suit your interiors scheme. Porcupine Rocks will also deal with the shipping and logistics so there’s minimal stress for you. Lead time for a bespoke piece like this are approximately 12 weeks.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year I was taking some time out to think. Contemplate new horizons and generate fresh ideas. Now with the world around us is taking a breather the chat in the studio is creative, inspiring and colourful. I can’t imagine life going back to the way it was after Lockdown. We are planning a renewed focus on the business and aim to bring you an exciting collection of colourful fabrics from various textile houses scattered around the African Continent.

There are Pop-Up’s a foot. A new collection ‘for the kitchen’ showcasing some wonderful fabrics in a practical form. The website is undergoing a makeover as is the studio. So, in short, we plan to use our time in lockdown wisely and creatively to build a fresh new beginning when we emerge from this, like a Phoenix Rising. Do get in touch with us

In the meantime, please stay safe, stay well, stay at home and make it a magical place to be.


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