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Being an interior designer means constantly coming up with something unique for your

clients, while taking on board their brief, budget, style and taste.

Whether you are wanting that ʻWOWʼ factor for a commercial or residential property, let us show you two of our favourite items we have at Porcupine Rocks which will certainly impress even the trickiest of clients.

If you are looking for lighting options, these stunning commissioned suspended chandeliers certainly wonʼt disappoint. Working closely with interior designers like yourselves, Porcupine Rocks are able to establish the perfect size, shape and colour for your interiors scheme, whether it be a hotel lobby, shop floor or your home. We will even facilitate the ordering, shipping, handling and installation ensuring you get the best personal service.

These jaw-dropping pieces of art are made by South African lighting company, Willowlamp, and are sold in the UK through Porcupine Rocks. Their designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials to create a dramatic new genre of lighting. Each piece is a collaboration between the needs of the user, the creativity of the designer and the skills of the fabricator. We are thrilled to be working with such an inspiring lighting designer.

There are 6 designs to choose from, and prices for these stunning functional pieces of art start from £3,000.00 and all are made-to order. These designs aren’t for the faint hearted, but if you have that one client who wants to be different, these are just perfect and wouldn’t look out of place in either a West End boutique hotel, or an architecturally designed home.


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