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Festivals are all about looking good. Kitted out in frayed shorts, Hunter wellies, and boho tops, itʼs our own version of Coachella, only muddier. A LOT muddier. For many, itʼs the first time away without parents, so itʼs quite a daunting prospect, both for parents and kids. One thing people worry about is how to keep your things safe, but also look good too.

These striking Shine Shine rucksacks are a great find. With a sturdy external zip pocket, there is also the added bonus of an internal pouch, ideal for your mobile phone, return train tickets, keys, money, etc. There are some things you do NOT want to leave in your tent. The bold and contemporary design will also make you stand out, meaning if you get separated from your mates, there is more chance of you being spotted. And the best thing is that when you get home, it can be put on a cold wash in the washing machine and come up looking as good as new.

If you fall in love with the Shine Shine rucksack, then take a look at some other items in the same range.

Their cushion collection pack a punch on any sofa.

And their cork placemats make for a fun table setting.

These quirky trays are a great way to inject some retro style into any party. Look out for the Shine Shine trays on the amazing Thoroughly Wild Meat Company catering stand at Glastonbury - their salt marsh lamb, dry aged beef and free range pork, as well as their great range of salads, makes them one of the best food stands there.


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