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The explorers of the 17th Century enjoyed a passion for knowledge and a desire to explore the unchartered spaces of Africa. It was their fervent desire to learn more and intrepid nature that look them away from the shores of the Cape into the hinterlands of Southern Africa. They came not to conquer but to meticulously record the plants, trees and animals they encountered on their perilous journeys into the veld. Many of them were devoted to sketching, in scientific detail, the things they discovered.

Aptly named South African designers, Evolution Product, have drawn their inspiration from these historic explorers and have designed a series of linen cloths and cushions which form The Magic Veld Collection.

Porcupine Rocks is proud to present some of their cushions and linen throws.

This Yellow Fish and the Snake Cushion was originally a drawing by the German painter Hendrik Claudius who was noted for his 17th-century watercolours of South African plants and animals. Claudius arrived in the Cape Colony in 1682 to look for plants of medicinal interest.

They are sizeable too... 90x60cm. Imagine catching a fish that size?!? Go Fish!


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