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Paradise Lamp
Kinkatou & Porcupine Rocks


In Zulu a ‘uphiso’ shaped pot is defined by its tall neck. Traditionally used for transporting liquids but sadly in more recent decades the ceramic version has lost out thanks to the rise in plastic and metal containers. Needless to say this ‘uphiso’ form takes skill and precision to create and consequently has become a desirable shape favoured by ceramic collectors the world over.  


Standing tall and elegant this iconic shape forms the serene foundation for our PARADISE lamp. And in keeping with the African DNA of PORCUPINE ROCKS further inspiration was drawn from the tropical plant Strelitizia, a.k.a Bird of Paradise. Native to South Africa the unusually spiky flowers resemble brightly coloured birds in flight. A wonder of Mother Nature’s magic. 

Each lamp is individually hand thrown in two pieces on a wheel. Using ethically sourced clay from Devon the base and the neck are created first and then then joined together. Mounted on the shoulders of this elongated ‘uphiso’ shaped body KINKATOU STUDIO has designed abstract forms depicting the Bird of Paradise flower, these are hand cut and adhered to the lamp base. Left to dry for a few days before a bisque firing, then glazed with the off white and fired again. The ‘flowers’ can be hand painted using a hand-mixed lustre paint in a variety of different colours to compliment the colourful ‘Kukua’ shade. After a third firing at a slightly lower heat the lamp is ready to be wired up. 

The colourful ‘Kukua’ fabric has been especially selected from the PORCUPINE ROCKS studio to make a punchy, stand-out empire shade. Thereby completing the look of this bold and striking table lamp.


Together the design and function brings sunshine and pattern to liven up any interiors space. 


Please contact our design studio for more details and prices.

Bird of Paradise PR X Kinkatou lamp.jpg



40cm H X 33cm W



Kukua Fabric

40cm x 30cm x 27cm






Yellow 2m


Handmade in Britain.

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