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Warrior Lamp
Kinkatou & Porcupine Rocks

The Zulu tribe is made up of 11 million people and represents the largest population of ethnic groups in South Africa and history tells us the Zulu Warrior has a fighting spirit like no other. With roots firmly entrenched in Zululand, Paula here at Porcupine Rocks has collected traditional ceremonial African masks and beadwork over the years. It is this collection of tribal artefacts that formed the foundation for this table lamp. 

A powerful, sculptural, tribal table lamp with two faces allowing you to pair up for bedside tables or a dresser. Adorned in a swirling pattern derived from agricultural crop fields but could be a dotty motif so commonly used in ceremonial face patterning. This lamp has a sense of stature and strength about it and has become an icon to celebrate our inner warriors. 

mask 2 in the making_edited.jpg



41cm H X 20cm W



Cropfield Fabric

40cm x 29.5cm x 30cm






Charcoal as standard 2m

Yellow as option


Handmade in Britain.


The original piece is sculpted in plaster by Rosemary from Kinkatou Studio. She layers up the plaster, sculpts, drys, tweaks, adds more plaster, drys, cuts, carves until the right sculptural form is created. Applied raised decorations known in Zulu as ‘amasumpa’ form the facial expressions. Impressed triangles and angular tribal motifs are prominent along the sides of the mask, separating the two different Warrior faces.


Once completely dried out a mould is then made. This comes in the form of silicone, constructed in a frame box. The silicone is mixed with a catalyst for rigidity. The original plaster sculpture is put onto the bed of silicone and the remaining silicone is then used to bury the sculpture in the box. After approximately a day the solution is fully dry and the mould is created. 


The final piece is cast in Jesmonite, a versatile water based solution which is an eco-friendly,  solvent free composite. We do love an Eco-Warrior! A gypsum powder and a liquid compound are mixed together, it starts to harden quickly so this is a speedy affair as all lumps must be banished from the concoction. The lump free, gooey, thickening liquid is then poured into the mould ensuring all nooks and crannies are filled, turning the mould all the time, until it’s thick enough. Believe it or not the Warrior is hollow. It takes another day to harden up completely and the Warrior is then removed from its casket. This is when he receives a full facial as Rosemary rubs away any imperfections, enhances the facial expressions and ensures the warrior is ready for painting. 


We can hand paint these Warrior table lamps in a variety of water-based paint colours, show us your RAL codes. Once painted the Warrior goes off to the electrician for wiring before he is crowned with his ceremonial hat. An oval shaped drum shade made from ‘Crop Fields’, a fabric that comes in three different colourways, Charcoal, Turmeric and Aqua, especially selected from the PORCUPINE ROCKS studio. 

Please contact our design studio for more details and prices.

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