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Kinkatou Studio & Porcupine Rocks
collaborate to make showstopping table lamps.

We are thrilled to have teamed up with the award winning designer Kinkatou Studio to bring you a collection of bold and unique table lamps paired with some fabulous fabric shades made from fabrics in our studio. 


PORCUPINE ROCKS celebrates it’s personal connection with South Africa, especially Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is in this beautiful, culturally rich Kingdom that pottery has deep artistic roots. With inspiration drawn from tribal heritage, engravings, ceremonial masks and the splendour of mother nature Kinkatou Studio X PORCUPINE ROCKS bring you ‘The Zulu Collection’. 


The art of ceramics has always been the creative task of the Zulu women and their traditional skills are still used today to create useful vessels for beer or food. The individual artist then applies decoration as a medium of self expressionism. In this collaboration we have continued in the traditional vein but have turned a useful vessel or mask into a sculptural art form by creating a series of table lamps.


This is where art and lighting meet.


The idea was for each lamp to have a narrative and character of its own and thereby bringing a strong sculptural presence into any living space. Each lamp is lovingly created, hand-made to order and individually hand-finished by Kinkatou Studio.


The result is a unique collection of three distinctively decorative lamps, handmade in Britain, with fabric shades especially chosen from the PORCUPINE ROCKS collection to complement the base 

Kinkatou Beer Pot with Veld



Derived from the traditional clay Zulu beer pot this rotund lamp base comes in two glazes, earthy green or blue. Each is decorated with an intricate geometric ‘sgraffito’, or ‘amasumpa’ in Zulu, which has literally been scratched away by hand.


The drum shaped ‘Veld’ shade illustrates the ‘Valley of a Thousand Hills’ - The Heart of Zululand. This earthy connection of history and modernity, textiles and raw clay has a robust raw beauty about it. 



Inspired by traditional ceremonial African masks, which Paula has collected over the years, this table lamp has two faces allowing you to pair up for bedside tables or a dresser.


Hand sculpted by Rosemary and can be painted in a host of different colours from bold to monochrome. To enhance his valour we have made an oval shaped drum shade using the ‘Crop Fields’ fabric, which comes in three different colourways. 


This lamp has a sense of stature and strength about it and has become an icon to celebrate our inner warriors. 

Paradise Lamp with Kukua Shade



Native to South Africa the unusually spiky flowers of the Strelitizia plant, a.k.a Bird of Paradise, resembles brightly coloured birds in flight. These take shape in the abstract form mounted on the shoulder of this tall, timeless shaped lamp.


They can be hand painted in a variety of different colours to compliment the colourful ‘Kukua’ fabric that makes the empire shade. Together the design and function brings sunshine and pattern to liven up any interiors space. 

Read our blog about the personalities behind the creation of this collection.

For more information about this creative collaboration, including prices and delivery times please contact our studio.

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