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We are delighted to have teamed up with expert bespoke headboard and bed manufacturer, The Headboard Workshop, with our stunning Giraffe Blossom fabric featured on their newest headboard design the ‘Rum’ Headboard. And my-oh-my – we just want to climb in, drift away and dream of our African roots.

Boring bedrooms be banished!


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Rhum Headboard-Lifestyle-Front.jpg

They are a fabulous bunch and know their stuff.  Like us, they are completely customer focused, upbeat and excited to help you transform your interiors.  We first met on a phone call and since then a wonderful, team spirited collaboration began, because after all, beautiful fabric like ours NEEDS to be seen on equally beautiful products.


A headboard is the perfect canvas for showing off an amazing fabric whether it be a zingy and bold block print from one of our unique artisan designers or a smashing geometric pattern.  A headboard ensures the pattern can be seen on a flat surface, an entirely different effect to a pleated curtain.  


The Headboard Workshop make all sizes of headboards and beds from single to emperor, and even bespoke sizes and designs allowing you to design a one off piece or customise one of their 25 standard models. 

Here at Porcupine Rocks we will help you find the perfect fabric for curtains to compliment the headboard and the whole scheme of the room. Curtains, blinds, lampshades, ottomans, you’re looking? We will help you find it!


Unusually, The Headboard Workshop are one of the few companies that have the care, expertise and experience to handle a customer’s own material.  So that you can choose any of our Porcupine Rocks fabric on one of their fabulous headboards and infuse your bedroom décor with the homely heartbeat of inspiring African art, with ease.

To order the stunning 'Rum' Headboard with Giraffe Blossom fabric in any size please head directly to the Headboard Workshop Website below:


There is another option: imagine having the freedom to choose ANY fabric you like, and put it on a headboard or bed. 

Magic? Not quite, we’ll let you into a secret… just ask us to send your material directly to The Headboard Workshop.


Below is a handy step by step guide to ordering your new headboard or bed using any our fabrics.  

We will help every step of the way.

  1.  Choose your favourite fabric and note the vertical pattern repeat (call or email us if you can’t find it)

  2. Browse and select your headboard design at and place your order with The Headboard Workshop.

  3. Order and pay for your fabric from us. Be sure to give us your unique six digit Headboard Workshop order number and ask us to send the meterage they need straight to their workshop.  

  4. They will handle the rest.

Please do also feel free to contact our Porcupines at any time to chat thorough your ideas as we are always happy to speak creatively with our customers.

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