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Frei Design Studio, owned by Liandri Fouché is a Branding and Creative Studio specialising in Graphic Design, Marketing and Illustration based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Coming from a Media Background, her artistic edge soon steered her Career into the Creative World. She has been free-ing brands into the world since 2007, and believes in the power of colour and intricate detail in her work.


Her hand-made offering focuses on illustrated work, developed into various product ranges and custom commission work for corporates and individuals. Whenever she has a quiet moment, you will find her with pen in hand, dreaming away line-by-line, into a field of flowers or perhaps a bird wanting to break free.

Towards the end of 2019, Frei added Surface Pattern Design to their Portfolio. A whole new world opened up, with a different level of excitement and joy found in her work.  

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