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A family run studio nestled in the hills of the Natal Midlands in South Africa. Originally known as The Caversham Press, South Africa’s first private fine art printmaking studio. This converted Methodist Chapel enjoyed a constant flow of artists and days were filled with creativity and collaborative printmaking. Sally trained in Fashion Design and emerged from art school unable to find prints she liked. So she started printing her own under the watchful tuition of her Master Printer father Malcom at The Press. This is how their fabric design journey began in 2012. 

Caversham Textiles blossomed with each member of the family bringing their own attention to detail to every fabric design. Influences have been drawn from nature. Even flowers have been pressed to form the samples and patterns. Up until 2020 all fabrics were screen printed by hand. Now the new year brings new beginnings and Caversham have decided to make a gentle move away from hand printing textiles and embrace the modern era of digital printing. This will given them more control over colour palettes and enable them to work freely on bespoke orders. 

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